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About EJustice OnSite

The EJustice OnSite Law Enforcement Agency Records Management System (LEA RMS) was originally developed in the late 1980s as a Clipper DOS program, known as DDP Police Science, by Donald D. Papineau, the owner and founder of DDP Police Services, Inc. What started with a handful of police departments in Genesee County, Michigan, soon became popular with small and mid-sized law enforcement and public safety departments in the entire state. By the end of 1995, DDP had accumulated about 20 clients, and continued to grow consistently. Within four years, the number of clients more than doubled, then doubled again in the next two years, steadily increasing every year thereafter.

Between 1998 and 1999, the program was completely re-written as a 32-bit Windows application, using the Xbase++ programming language. Most of the development, including the conversion to Windows and the new MICR module, was accomplished by Andreas Gehrs-Pahl, who joined DDP in 1995. The program continued to be very popular as additional features and modules were added. In 2002 alone, over 40 new clients were added, and by 2008, the application was used by over 160 law enforcement departments in Michigan. This included City and Township Police Departments, Public Safety Departments, several County Sheriff Offices, University and College Campus Security Departments and Native American Tribal PDs. During those approximately 20 years, DDP had a client retention rate of over 95%.

DDP pioneered several game-changing innovations for small LEA RMSs, like county-wide data sharing between individual agencies, which began in Genesee County in the early 1990s with GLEAN (Genesee Law Enforcement Area Network) and later evolved into the LEADS (Law Enforcement Area Data Sharing) product. Around the same time, DDP also introduced mobile computing to small and medium-sized law enforcement agencies with in-car computers, when remote Internet access was not even an option.

After the untimely death of Don in October of 2007, DDP was eventually purchased by EJustice Solutions, LLC. In June 2010, the DDP suite of applications was re-branded under the new EJustice OnSite label. This also resulted in Andreas Gehrs-Pahl joining EJustice Solutions as the Product Manager for EJS OnSite. In September 2011, EJustice Solutions and InterAct Public Safety joined forces, making EJustice an integral part of InterAct. The EJS OnSite suite of applications will retain their name and branding, though.

Several new Versions with new Features have been released since those corporate changes were made, and a lot more is on the horizon. Some highlights that are in the pipeline include: a new word processor, a new generation of data sharing and analysis, LEIN/NCIC integration, and last but not least a modernized database backend and client-server architecture.

And that is just the beginning! InterAct Public Safety is eager to hear from you, our customers, about what you would like to see in EJS OnSite in the months and years to come.

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