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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the DEG Password?

Answer: The DEG Password can be changed in the FTP Parameter Maintenance dialog.

You can change your Data Exchange Gateway (DEG) Password at any time through the DEG Web Site. The following link will get you directly to the DEG's Change Password page. If you change your DEG Password (or the MSP assigns you a new DEG Password), you must also update it in the EJS OnSite application, to be able to send and receive MICR Data.

Your DEG Login Name -- sometimes also called User Name, User ID or Mailbox Name by the MSP -- is based on your ORI Number. It will always be "MSP" followed by the first five digits of your ORI Number. You can also find your DEG Login Name on the FTP Parameters Maintenance dialog, which is described below.

A Supervisor -- a user with Access Level 4 -- can modify the EJS OnSite FTP parameters, including the DEG Login Password, at any time by selecting from the main menu of the EJS OnSite Police RMS program:

"Utility" → "Parameters" → "FTP/Internet Parameters"

This will open the FTP Parameters Maintenance dialog (as shown below).

FTP Parameters Maintenance dialog

In display mode, the FTP Passwords are shown encrypted, the way they are stored internally. Only after pressing the Edit Button button, are the FTP Passwords shown in clear text.

NOTE: If any Password is shown in clear text while in display mode, then this Password was probably entered directly into the System Parameters, and will not work correctly!

After pressing the Edit Button button, the DEG FTP Password can be changed in the appropriate field (see red box in picture below.)

Editing the DEG Password

NOTE: DEG Passwords must not contain any lower case letters, as only UPPER CASE characters are permitted by the MSP. To be reasonably secure, your password should contain eight or more characters, including CAPITAL LETTERS, one or more Digits (0 to 9), and at least one of the following special characters: ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ - + = < > , . ?

After pressing the Save Button button, the new DEG FTP Password will be encrypted and saved in the database.

NOTE: If the EJS OnSite program is setup to automatically submit MICR Data through the DEG, the DEG Password must either be changed with the instance of the EJS OnSite application that is running the automatic submission process (usually on the server), or that specific instance needs to be restarted to utilize the new DEG Password or any other modified DEG setting.



How do I install new Incident Report databases for a New Year (2016)?

Answer: The EJS OnSite Install program contains a menu option for this.

A Supervisor -- a user with Access Level 4 -- can start the EJS OnSite Install program at any time, by selecting from the main menu of either the EJS OnSite Police RMS or EJS OnSite Officer Daily programs:

"Utility" → "Updates / Installations" → "Start Install Program"

This will close the currently running EJS OnSite program and will switch to the Install program. In the EJS OnSite Install program, select from the main menu:

"Utility" → "Add Incident Report Databases for Next Year: 2016"

After the beginning of the new year (2016), this menu option will read:

"Utility" → "Add Incident Report Databases for Current Year: 2016"

This menu option will install all required databases and will then re-index all data. For that reason, it is recommended that nobody uses any EJS OnSite programs while this update is done. Otherwise, all users will be asked to close any open dialogs in any EJS OnSite programs that are currently running, so that the re-indexing can proceed.

NOTE: Only after the re-indexing was successfully completed, can the new databases be used!

After the re-indexing, you can simply quit the EJS OnSite Install program, or select from the main menu one of the following two options:

"File" → "Start EJS OnSite Police RMS Program"
"File" → "Start EJS OnSite Officer Daily Program"

to switch (back) to the desired EJS OnSite program.

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