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EJS OnSite Version 4.3d released

Ann Arbor, Michigan, April 13, 2012 -- Today, EJustice Solutions released Version 4.3d of the EJustice OnSite suite of applications. Formerly known as DDP Police Science, EJS OnSite is a Law Enforcement Records Management program for small to mid-sized Police and Public Safety departments.

New features available in Version 4.3d include:

Click here to find out how you can Update to EJS OnSite Version 4.3d Windows.

Click here for information on previous Versions.

InterAct and EJustice Join Forces

Ann Arbor, MI, and Winston-Salem, NC, September 15, 2011 -- Today, EJustice Solutions, LLC and InterAct Public Safety join forces, making EJustice an integral part of InterAct. For more information on this aquisition, please read this Press Release.

The EJS OnSite suite of applications will retain their name and branding, and will not be rebranded as InterAct OnSite, even though DDP, EJS OnSite, EJustice OnSite, and InterAct OnSite are all synonyms for the same suite of applications. The main difference for EJS OnSite users will be the new email addresses for Support, Accounting, and Sales Contacts, even though the old email addresses will be forwarded and will continue to work for some time.

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