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EJS OnSite -- Records Management Software

The EJS OnSite Police Records application (formerly DDP Police Science System) has been on the job for twenty years now, providing police departments an easy and efficient means of maintaining and searching police records. Initial design started from the old UD-101 form, and continued development has been driven by the needs of police officers and administrators who have been clients and associates over the years; this ensures that the needs of those using the software are being met.

Key Features:

  • Incident Reporting Module
  • Central Indexes Module (Names, Locations, Vehicles, etc.)
  • MICR Processing Module
  • Data Sharing Capability
  • Property/Evidence Module
  • Ticket Module
  • Personnel and Training Module
  • HotSheet Module
  • Permits (Gun and Bicycle Registration)
  • Dispatch (Calls for Service) Module
  • Full Range of Statistical Reports
  • In-Depth Context Sensitive Help System

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EJS OnSite Officer Daily Software

The EJS OnSite Officer Daily Reporting software is designed to capture and quantify police work. The system can accurately compute month-end statistics with the push of a button, and data can easily be segregated by shift, assignment, and/or officer. The system identifies officer performance as compared to departmental totals, averages, and other officers. Illegible daily entries become a thing of the past and valuable information is easily found and not hiding in a box somewhere.

Key Features:

  • Customizable Daily Logs
  • Seemless Entry of Everyday Tasks
  • Statistical Reporting Sure to Please Any Board

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EJS OnSite Notebook Services

EJS OnSite makes it possible to take your data and software on the road. The EJS OnSite Notebook Services module provides access to the same information as is available in the police station, current with in-house records at the beginning of the shift. The software is designed to allow for the entry of new Incident Reports, Officer Daily Logs, Supplemental Reports, and Traffic Citations on the road, with complete synchronization to in-house records at the end of shifts.

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Customized Software -- Data Conversions and Interfaces

EJustice is able to modify/enhance/create software to support End-User initiatives. EJustice has converted records from several disparate record management systems into an EJS OnSite useable format. Data conversions have occurred to either migrate users into EJS OnSite software or to support multi-agency data sharing initiatives.

In addition, EJustice OnSite can interface with various other applications, including CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch), E-Ticket, JMS (Jail Management System), DMS (Document Management System), and Data Sharing programs. For a list of vendors and applications that have been integrated, please send an email to: Andreas Gehrs-Pahl. Please include your name, agency, current records product, and a telephone number that we could reach you at.

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