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Remote Support Access

If you are experiencing problems, an EJustice Support Technician can remotely connect to your desktop through Citrix GoToAssist. When connected, the Technician can view your desktop and operate your keyboard and mouse for troubleshooting and training purposes. Please contact us through the usual Support channels, if you would like to request a Remote Access Session. The technician will give you a 9-digit Session ID, which you need to enter into the field below -- or directly into the EJS OnSite application under the "Help" → "Start Remote Support Session" dialog -- before pressing the Connect to GoToAssist button.

Enter Your 9-Digit Session ID:

Remote Support Features
  • Fast, Secure (256bit encryption), and easy to use.
  • Desktop view and Remote Control options.
  • Interactive Chat interface.
  • Detailed system diagnostics including "Reboot" and "Reconnect" options.
  • File Transfer Capability.
  • Customer can Permit or Deny all functions.
  • Customer can Disconnect at any time.
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